01. My mother [devoted] her entire adult life to raising her four children.
02. He [devotes] too much time to his job; he should spend more time with his family.
03. My grandfather was very [devoted] to my grandmother, and missed her enormously when she passed away.
04. My little sister is a [devoted] heavy metal fan, and has over 200 CDs.
05. The majority of the meeting was [devoted] to discussing our plans for the upcoming conference.
06. Your [devotion] to your job is admirable, but remember, there are other things in life apart from work.
07. The players were [devoted] to the captain of the team, and hoped to win the championship in this, his last year in the league.
08. Albert Einstein once said that only one who [devotes] himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master.
09. Courts of law in the United States [devote] about half their time to cases involving automobiles.
10. There are over 375 organizations around the world [devoted] to Sherlock Holmes, with the largest club located in Japan.
11. He is so [devoted] to his wife that he would never leave her even if she was unfaithful.
12. Adults usually want to learn a foreign language in a hurry, unlike children, who can [devote] many years to language mastery.
13. More than 10% of Kenya's total land area is [devoted] to national parks and wildlife reserves.
14. Steven Biko's intellect, courage and [devotion] to the black cause in South Africa were recognized even by his enemies.
15. Eighty percent of downtown Los Angeles is [devoted] to cars, including roads, parking areas, and garages.
16. James Allen once said, "Above all, be of single aim; have a legitimate and useful purpose, and [devote] yourself unreservedly to it."
17. Mary Wilson Little once said that he who [devotes] sixteen hours a day to hard study may become as wise at sixty as he thought himself at twenty.
18. Aristotle once said, "This is the reason why mothers are more [devoted] to their children than fathers: it is that they suffer more in giving them birth, and are more certain that they are their own."
19. Naturalists say that wolves are very [devoted] to their young, and all members of a pack share in the care and upbringing of the pups.
20. In 2001, severe floods in Cambodia damaged an estimated 15% of the area [devoted] to growing rice.
21. During Ramadan, Muslims avoid all food, drink or sex during daylight hours, and focus on [devotion] and good works.
22. Whatever your favorite sport, there is probably at least one [devoted] fan who has prepared a website dedicated to the game.
23. The Hindu religion teaches us, "Whatever you do, [devote] your whole mind, heart and soul to it."
24. After working as a school teacher for three years, Franz Schubert decided to [devote] himself entirely to composing music.
25. Handel [devoted] thirty-five years of his life to composing and directing operas.
26. Monks led the chanting for the dead as [devotees] brought flowers.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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